Pictorial Map of Europe

Great work by Matt Base representing Europe’s countries with some of the most iconic monuments. The micro scale work is amazing. Thumbs up also for the map itself!
Pictorial Map of Europe
Pictorial Map of Europe by Matt Bace

Guimarães Castle WIP

Romão Santos is already a well known builder because of his huge constructions and involvement in the social project “Projecto Construir” (“Building project”). “Projecto Construir” is an initiative in social entrepreneurship aimed at providing support for institutionalized persons, in particular children, providing them unique moments in nature playful and educational, through their involvement in the construction of large-scale models with LEGO® bricks.

His current project consists of building a large-scale model of the castle Guimarães. Guimarães is the first capital city of Portugal and its castle an important landmark of the country. Check how great the castle’s model is turning into to 🙂

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LEGO Colosseum

TheBrickMan is the author of one of the best historical recreations I have seen lately. The LEGO Colosseum has a huge amount of details and the mix of the past and present is phenomenal!


LEGO Colosseum, originally uploaded by TheBrickMan.

Great Wall of China

Some days ago I posted an awesome MOC of a miniscale Great Wall of China built by Matija. Today I found the minifig scale of the same historical landmark that was built by Si-MOCs.

His building techniques are rather simple but the overall design of the MOC is very well done. I also point out his short history lesson about the Great Wall that gives some enlightenment about the evolution of these walls and their purposes.


The Great Wall of China is a series of stone and earthen fortification built over a millennium. Despite popular belief, the wall was not originally constructed to protect against Mongol invaders, but instead built by the various Chinese states to protect their own borders against each other during the Warring State Period in 5th century BC. Most of the original walls was destroyed after Qin conquered all opposing sates and unified the country. The remaining wall was extended into a new northern wall which would protect against the empire against the nomadic Mongols from the north.

The first walls were simple walls made up of rammed earth and stones. By the Ming dynasty in the 16th century more advance techniques were used on the rebuild the walls, bricks, tiles and cut stones.

The MOC depicts the great wall in later age as a young Emperor watches his army march to battle.” – text by Si-MOCs

Great Wall of China, originally uploaded by Si-MOCs.

Al Khazneh

This is the third post in a row about landmarks, but how would it be possible to left behind this spectacular representation of Al Khazneh, one of the most elaborate buildings in the ancient Jordanian city of Petra?

ArzLan made a wonderful job detailing this mysterious building. His techniques are rather simple but very effective. The cogs used in the stone columns is one of my favorite details. As a bonus ArzLan gives us a glimpse of Indiana and the Last Crusader movie 😀


Al Khazneh, originally uploaded by ArzLan.

Great Wall of China

Talking about Matija. Here’s another great work of this landmark builder.The combination of colors in the wall is very close to perfect and cuts the gray’s monotony very well.


Great Wall of China, originally uploaded by Matija Grguric.

Moai – Easter Island mysterious statues

Check out this cool representations of the mysterious statues on the Easter Island (Rapa Nui) built by Matija Grguric.


Moai, originally uploaded by Matija Grguric.