Micro Abu Simbel – Egypt

Jonathan Gilbert (aka Shmails) built a micro Abu Simbel, the famous temple carved into the side of a mountain in Egypt for the MCCVI over at Classic Castle. These micro constructions always fascinated me. I love the techniques to get those great details, such as the dozen of levers to represent the boat’s oars.

See more pictures at his gallery.

New LEGO Egyptian Theme

Good news for all historical LEGO Enthusiasts, LEGO is planning a new Egyptian Theme for 2011 under the designation of “The Pharaoh’s Quest”. Nausicaakro supplied some pictures at Eurobricks.

The new theme reminds me the old 1998 Adventures theme, and as we should expect, we’ll see again the “good guys” fighting the “bad guys” and many fantasy elements. Anyways, I still think that a re-edition of an Egyptian theme is very good news that will bring a set of brand new parts. After analyzing the pictures I could enumerate bricks with amazing decals, scepters, wings, weapons, baseplates and cool new minifigs.

Here’s the list of new sets:

  • 7327 Pyramid of Pharaoh € 99.99 (including half-track)
  • 7325 Enchanted cobra € 29.99
  • 7307 Duel in the air 19.99 (Toller biplane)
  • 7306 Race for the gold bar € 9.99
  • 7305 attack of scarab € 4.99
  • 7326 Mysterious Sphinx € 49.99

This information was found in a post by Quex on 1000steinne.de.

Tervlon announced in his gallery at flickr that all images are preliminary and may change before release next year. These are taken from the European retailer catalog that is used to place orders for next years assortment.

Pharaonic dilemma

Peter Shutter illustrates a funny situation where the all-mighty pharaoh has to choose what he will wear today. Beside the cool scene, he made an interesting building with a classic Egyptian style.

Exploring the dark Egyptian tomb

Teruel211 reminds us of the classic days of archeology at the beginning of the XX century in Egypt. This huge vignette shows us the base camp of the explorers and the moment when the tomb’s entrance is discovered. The director registers the event using his old camera.

See all pictures here.