WWII Micro airport

I’m passionate with micro constructions and this small world war II airport built by Henning Birkeland ia a delight.

I also suggest that you take some minutes and appreciate all other his work. It will be a time well spent.


Atlantis before the Fall

“Atlantis before the Fall” is a brilliant entry for the Mini Castle Contest VI at Classic Castle submitted by Rod Gillies (aka 2 Much Caffeine). The use of binoculars to build the stone columns of the temples was a brilliant idea. Great work!

You may see more pictures here.


Dan G. made a great micro representation of the city of Jerusalem in the days of king Solomon. He included in his MOC the Palace of King Solomon, King David’s Palace, the many entrances, the House of the Forest of Leb’a-non, Mt Zion, Mt Moria, The Temple (the house of the true God)…

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