BrickCon 2013 Review

Fantastic Lego creations abounded at BrickCon 2013 in Seattle, WA. Amongst the mini-fig scale recreations of Hogwart’s Castle and Rivendell, between the micro scale Battle of Hoth and the homage to Red. vs. blue, an attending history fan could find much to delight.

I’ll start by one of the collaborative builds produced by BattleLUG, titled “Battle through the Ages.” The sequence of displays follows the evolution of warfare from ancient history to the modern period. Here are a couple segments of the display.

The Pelopsonnesian War

The Crusades

Several different battles from World War II were displayed, all collaboratively created between several AFOL and TFOL builders. Behold Operation Brickarossa :


The Allied advance through Normandy. Note the hedge rows!

In the next post, we’ll review some of the other, non-warfare related history entries at BrickCon.

Shrine of Nasir ibn Brick

Sandy_cash presents us a cool shrine with Arabian style. He has done a great job using slopes and SNOT to build the roof besides all the other amazing details.

See more pictures at flickr.

Prince of Persia – Alamut Gate

The wave of MOCs with Prince of Persia as background stills rolling. Svelte built an amazing gate based on Amber Fort in Jaipur.

Read more about it at Eurobricks.

Arabian Street

Here’s another good Arabian street made by PligetCiamek with a small marketplace. It was an honorable mention of Colossal Castle Contest V – in the ‘Miscellaneous’ category.

See more pictures at flickr.

Arabian Farm

Original MOCs are always a pleasure to see and Danielz has done a good job presenting us an Arabian Farm close to a river.

The waterwheel, the machine pushed by the cow and the building’s architecture make this MOC unique

See more pictures at brickshelf.

Arabian Street

From the same author of the previous post, Ciamek has made some time ago the  Arabian Street. As the name suggests, Arabian Street is a good representation of the Islamic Golden Era where we can find the merchants selling theirs goods, the soldiers patrolling and all the citizens buzzing around.

See more details at brickshelf.