Enchanted Forest

This diorama from César Soares (aka Cesbrick) is so impressive that is difficult to find words to describe it.
The Enchanted Forest display features the Bluewater castle, Wedgwood House, Morisledge Cottage, Green Lake Tower Ruins and other MOCs that César have made in the past and that he presented on the 6th Arte em Peças held on Paredes de Coura, the annual exhibition of Comunidade 0937 LUG.

Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest by César Soares

Maester Finley Healer’s House

Yet another awesome MOC from César Soares! Do I need to explain any further? 😉
The rock work and the building techniques we already knew from his previous constructions but the curvature of the roof on this one is just amazing!
Maester Finley Healer's House
Maester Finley Healer's House by César Soares