Fort Legoredo

Fort Legoredo was one of my favorite LEGO sets during my childhood and was a pleasant surprise when I discovered this wonderful tribute from Franko Komljenovic and Matija Grguric to this set from the year 1996.


Fort Legoredo, originally uploaded by Matija Grguric.

Imperial Trading Post

Great remake of the 6277 Imperial Trading Post built by NewRight. He had done a great job with lots of detail improvements. However, I must say that he forgot to build one storehouse with a crane at the top. Nevertheless the MOC is just awesome!!!


Imperial Trading Post, originally uploaded by NewRight.

Micro Eldorado Fortress

Pellaeon revisited the old classic pirates theme and built a micro version of the Eldorado Fortress. This is one of my favorite LEGO fortresses and it’s the second time I blog about this set 🙂

Read more about it at Eurobricks.

Eldorado remake by Kris Kelvin

Kris Kelvin always presents us with great MOCs. This time he built an incredible remake of the old Eldorado Fortress.

Kris Kelvel Eldorado Fortress

Here’s the classic Pirate LEGO set:

6276 - Eldorado Fortress