Aztec Ball Game

The Aztec civilization is an uncommon topic seen in LEGO historical MOCs. I would like to send my congrats to IamKritch for reusing the subject of this ancient Mesoamerican ballgame through this simple, yet well done, vignette.

Aztec Ball Game

Plaza de Toros

TheBrickster has expanded his Mexican theme with this new MOC of a “Plaza de Toros”. He managed well the Mexican architectural style, the only drawback is that the arena is not fully closed.

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Mexican Village

One more entry to Mexican history category from TheBrickster. Like the previous MOC, also this one is a good representation of the old Mexican villages.

You may see in more detail at Eurobricks.

Spanish mission

Spanish Mission is the first MOC of the Old Mexico presented on HistoryBricks. The Brickster has done a good work representing an Mexican church inspired on the old western movies.

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