Big Thunder Mountain

Wow!!! Was the only word that just came out of my mouth when I saw Fat Tony 1138‘s Big Thunder Mountain, is entry for the western contest at Eurobricks.

This MOC left anyone speechless. It’s a stellar work incredible detailed and very dynamic. I almost hear the train sizzling past… I wish I could back to Disneyland right now…


Big Thunder Mountain 01, originally uploaded by Fat Tony 1138.

Saved By The Boom

Incredible western diorama that Shmails presents today. Many of the “good” old west in a 64×64 baseplate. Among the impressive details I would point out the cactus, the wooden structure of the hanging, the cart leaving the smoke behind and, my favorite, the jail’s explosion! The door flying and the color gradient turns it very “dynamic”.


SavedByTheBoom4, originally uploaded by Shmails.

Deadbrick duel

Jonathan (aka Shmails) presented this great scene of a Western duel that he submitted into the Eurobricks Spaghetti Western Contest. He managed to get a nice and classic western feeling with a good amount of details. Don’t forget to admire the vulture and notice how the bricks direction gives a nice wooden effect in the houses’ walls. I just missed the Saloon in this diorama. The cotton is a recent but common technique to simulate gun smoke that work very well.


Deadbrick2, originally uploaded by Shmails.

Gangsters in action

Jerrec surprises us with a cool MOC of a bank robbery during the Prohibition era. The gangsters drive their vehicle against the bank’s door while surrounding citizens run for their lives.

He also gave special attention to the playability of this MOC building a door that could be smashed down by the collision of the car.

See more pictures at brickshelf.

She’s a which! Burn her.

The satire of discovering if someone is a which, immortalized by Monty Pythons in Holy grail, hides a dark reality of middle ages. Matija Grguric shows us that reality on a series of three vignettes.

“Mother is making a warm meel for her sick child. She heard that this recipe will make him healthier.”

“Priest and warrior break into her house. Priest claims that he has a legal documents which says that she is a witch. Warrior kicks her and forces her to leave her home.”

“Another useless punishment is done.”

See the three scenes at flickr.

Brickbeard’s Last Stand

Brickbaron made a nice town of Discovery Age, where he shows the gathering of a crowd to see the last standing moments of a infamous captain pirate and his reign of terror.

Click here to see more details of this incredible town.

The Untouchables, Prohibition

Kris Kelvin built a great MOC of Eliot Ness and is companions during the law of alcohol prohibition. Eliot Ness was a Federal Agent and lead the team that help chasing Al Capone.

The MOC follows the style of LEGO modular buildings but with better details. The box is nice bonus 🙂

Read more about the construction at Eurobricks.