Fort Portugal

9. Fort Portugal
Fort Portugal by Greg Dlx


Alexander fortress

Alexander fortress
Alexander fortress by Giorgos Solomonidis

Medieval Lighthouse

This is a cool medieval lighthouse built by pabloglez. The overall picture is great but what impressed me most was the relief arms in the wall. The water and sand is a nice work too.


Medieval Lighthouse, originally uploaded by pabloglez.

The Fort as Isla D’Or

This is one more great fortress by 2 Much Caffeine. I loved the technique used to build the roof, the wooden sticks on the wall and how he built the well in the center.


The Fort as Isla D’Or, originally uploaded by 2 Much Caffeine.

Fort McHenry battle

The Fort McHenry diorama is the third creation of Blake Baer in a tribute to America. This diorama illustrates the battle between the English ships and the US army. The English soldiers tried to get into Philadelphia but first they had to defeat the Fort McHenry defenses. After a long bombardment and several attempts to capture the fort, the English navy seeing the battle would be a stale mate withdrew his ships and retreated to New Orleans.

This diorama shows an incredible high detailed US flag and very good details of the rockets and bombs hitting their targets. The explosions and smoke turns this MOC very dynamic. Last but not least, I loved the small bubbles of the small boat!

Blake wrote here a good description of the history around this MOC and the fight of the US to declare independence to England.