Historical minifigs of LEGO Collection Series 12

It was revealed the first official pictures lining up the new minifigs of series 12.
I’m glad to find a few more historical characters, this time the collection seems to include a Mongol and female Greek warrior. It  also seems to include a new Musketeer and a old western gold miner 😀

In overall the new collection is very attractive and it’s probably related with the new Lego Minifigures online game.

collection series minifigs 12

Remake of #6265-1: Sabre Island

What a wonderful remake of the classic LEGO set  #6265-1: Sabre Island 🙂
Among all details of the MOC I would like to highlight the sea waves approaching the beach.


Sabre Island
Sabre Island by Letranger Absurde


Original LEGO set

6265-1 Sabre Island

Collectible Minifigures Series 6 and 7

Toys N bricks had publish the first official pictures from the upcoming series of Collectible Mifigures. Like previous collections, these new series presents new historical figures that will delight many LEGO fans.

The 6th series presents a roman warrior. Personally I’ve been waiting for ages for the LEGO roman empire. This figure and the new rounded bricks of the Atlantis sets will make a beautiful  combination 🙂

This collection also presents a barbarian warrior, which is nice for the battles against the roman army, and a cowboy that will fit perfectly in any western MOC.



The 7th series presents a Viking warrior (girl?), a cool hippie that will fit nicely 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van and, my favorite, the Aztec warrior (or at least, what I think that it is). The mermaid man will also make a cool Neptune roman god of the sea.

Medieval Cafe and Market Street

Could you imagine how it would be the Cafe Corner and The Market street during medieval times? Kris kelvin could and made a brilliant MOC based in these two classical LEGO sets.


Medieval Cafe and Market Street, originally uploaded by Kris_Kelvin.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean – NEW Pictures

A German toy store published a set of pictures that appear to be a preview of the brand new LEGO sets of the Pirates of Caribbean theme.

They are very small pictures but is enough to preview some details. Hope LEGO don’t find them any soon. Nevertheless, here’s the gallery with the pictures 🙂

Here’s the full list of Pirates of the Caribbean sets:

Pictures of LEGO Castle 2011

I wish you all a Happy Christmas in the company of your family and dear ones. HistoryBricks gives you a nice pictures of the new Castle LEGO sets for 2011 and I hope you like them as much as I do.

Apparently LEGO Company broke the tradition of publishing a new castle but compensates with an amazing civilian set – The Windmill. I was waiting for civilians sets at ages and this one promises a bright future 🙂

Check the new farm animals. The picture is far too small to see them clear but I guess that they are chickens and rabbits goats.

Thanks to spacemarine for sharing the pictures at PLUG’s forum.

LEGO Heroes through ages

LEGO has renew the decoration of its Brand Store at Mall America with a set of giant LEGO Heroes from pre-historial ages, through ancient Greece, medieval, age of discovery, present days and the future.

Thanks to Conchas for pointing it out.

New LEGO 2011 Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean

Hi everyone! I’ve been extremely busy in the last few days but today’s news was sufficient to forget my job a few minutes and write a new post post and spread the word.

According to this press release, LEGO will publish in 2011 a new theme about the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” 😀
This definitely, will close the discussion about the picture of the captain Jack Sparrow riding a camel 🙂

I’m very impatient to know what sets will be released. I vote for a big Black Pearl similar to the Imperial flagship 😀

New LEGO Atlantis theme

Another great new this week concerning the 2011 LEGO themes is the launching of new Atlantis’ sets. But the real news is the creation of the round column bricks that I expect that would lead to a new wave of historical MOCs 😀