The Great War – 100th aniversary

Ciamosław Ciamek built a wonderful MOC with 3 parts celebrating the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.


“I: ‘Enthusiasm’ (Paris 1914)
Mobilization in France. The crowd greets soldiers marching, and the recruitment point is popular.”

“II: ‘Awe’ (Passchendaele 1917)
Positional War. The so-called third Battle of Ypres, fought in a sea of mud, in which drowned tens of thousands of soldiers.”

“III: ‘Glory’ (Vaux-sur-Somme 1918)
April 21, 1918 Manfred von Richthofen – ‘Red Baron’ – was shot down on the French territory. Probably by the Australian machine gunner.”

World War II MOCs from Brincka 2013



Normandy landing

Since 2008 I didn’t show up at an exhibition like Brincka 2013 and was a nice surprise to found a set of historical MOCs from WWII of high quality, specially after knowing that most of them were built by a TFOL with 15 years old!

The landing craft carrying the troops towards the beach is a classical scene, specially since the success of “Saving Private Ryan” movie. The above picture is my attempt to capture the emotion of that stressful moment! The MOC, however, is authored by Nuno Taborda and is a perfect replica of the Normandy’s landing crafts.

Landing troops Landing troops



The infantry is well supported by an amazing army of vehicles and artillery built by Luís Pedro, the TFOL I mention earlier. Starting with this gorgeous Light M5 Stuart, Luís presented 25 highly detailed vehicles, including tanks, trucks, medical transport and cannons.

Light M5 Stuart


The soft top of the trucks were one of my favorite details. Luís get those from a vacuum cleaner bag. Great idea, I must say!

WWII Truck


And finally, an overlook picture of the battalion:

WWII vehicles and tanks



Indiana Jones – Tank Battle Overview

It’s good to wake up in the morning and see a great MOC like this. Brian Williams made an excellent job recreating the adventures of the young Indiana Jones when the British met with failure in the initial assault on Gaza in 1917. This diorama includes both tanks featured in this Young Indiana Jones episode: The British Mark V (green) and a Fiat 3000b (tan – portraying a French M17).

Of course, I can’t close this post without mention the incredible technique he applied to build the smoke and fire of the green tank. I classify it as a 5 star masterpiece.

See more pictures here.

Enemy Ace in No-Man’s Land

Hound Knight built an incredible scene that shows Rittmeister von Hammer attempting to take out an easy target. The construction has awesome details. I’m not sure, but it appears that the nose of the plane was built with a Bionicle facemask, I loved the way he represented the black cross in the airplane wings, and the ice-cream bricks are a cool representation of the bullets hitting the ground.

1919 T-Bucket/ Fokker DR1

I’m trying to go back on track with good historical MOCs. For today post, I would like to present this pair of brilliant World War I MOCs built by Lino M. The first MOC is a representation of a Ford Model-T while the plane is a Fokker DR1 Triplane, the same model as the famous Red Baron.

See more details of theses constructions here.