LEGO CUUSOO is the new system from LEGO where users can share their ideas and if they get enough support from the community (10000 votes) LEGO will review it. If they approve your idea, you may have a chance to see it as a new official product.

I was thrilled with the idea, and submitted my project of the small replicas of Lisbon trams. I don’t recall of any LEGO trams sets and this could be a good opportunity for all of LEGO fans to get a new way of transportion in their own cities 🙂

Here’s the page for this project. I hope you liked the idea and want to support it –

Thank you very much.


Great West Railway Station

Matija keeps surprising us almost every day with a new piece of art. Today he presents a small wooden railway station, built for his club’s western diorama.There are lots of cheese in those walls but the final wooden effect turns to be awesome.


Great West Railway Station, originally uploaded by Matija Grguric.