The beginning of an era

A great shot of this simple but beautiful pre-historic MOC.
The beginning of an era
The beginning of an era by James Pegrum

Here’s the historical context given by James on Flickr.

9,600BC (approximately) some of the first Homo Sapiens come to the most western peninsula of Europe, which will one day become an island, Britain.

During the last ice age there had been several changes between glacier advance and retreat. Now the ice is beginning to melt and in time it will have dramatic changes to coastlines.

For the time being hunter gathers follow the mammoth and reindeer who can still travel across dry land to this part of Europe.

LEGO Heroes through ages

LEGO has renew the decoration of its Brand Store at Mall America with a set of giant LEGO Heroes from pre-historial ages, through ancient Greece, medieval, age of discovery, present days and the future.

Thanks to Conchas for pointing it out.

The lonely Caveman

Etzel used the caveman of Minifig’s 1st Series Collection and gave him a nice home surrounded with a big forest. This diorama illustrates the first prehistorical period in History Bricks.

Read more about the MOC at Eurobricks.