Bushidō – Way of the Warrior

Bushidō - Way of the Warrior
Bushidō – Way of the Warrior by Disco86


Ōzaka Traffic Accident

Ōzaka Traffic Accident
Ōzaka Traffic Accident by Disco86

Red Dojo

ACPin presents this wonderful red dojo showing warriors preparing to battle. Check out the great details of the vegetation and the dojo’s entrance.


Red Dojo, originally uploaded by ACPin.

Lakehouse Kidnap

What an amazing detailed construction!!! My favorite details are definitely the the duck’s legs and the house’s roof.


Lakehouse Kidnap, originally uploaded by 2 Much Caffeine.

The general is summoned to war

2 Much Caffeine has submitted an interesting samurai castle into the Colossal Castle Contest at I will point the technique used to build the roof as one of the best features of this MOC.

See in more detail at flickr.