Commemorating 70 years since the Battle of Britain

The Wings of Brick didn’t let the chance pass to pay a tribute to the men that fought in the Battle of Britain 70 years ago. At first glance the Bf-109 appears to follow the LEGO Creator line even the techniques are far from being the same. Let’s join the author in “a moment of silence to remind the brave men who fought for their countries, both Allied and Axis…”

You may see more pictures here.

Enemy Ace in No-Man’s Land

Hound Knight built an incredible scene that shows Rittmeister von Hammer attempting to take out an easy target. The construction has awesome details. I’m not sure, but it appears that the nose of the plane was built with a Bionicle facemask, I loved the way he represented the black cross in the airplane wings, and the ice-cream bricks are a cool representation of the bullets hitting the ground.

B-17 Flying Fortress

The B-17 Flying Fortress it’s the first entry on History Bricks that belongs to XX century history. It’s hard to believe that Orion Pax accomplished this with a limited number of metallic parts. Probably it will become one of the most memorable MOC of this year.

See the rest of the pictures at flickr.