Enchanted Forest

This diorama from César Soares (aka Cesbrick) is so impressive that is difficult to find words to describe it.
The Enchanted Forest display features the Bluewater castle, Wedgwood House, Morisledge Cottage, Green Lake Tower Ruins and other MOCs that César have made in the past and that he presented on the 6th Arte em Peças held on Paredes de Coura, the annual exhibition of Comunidade 0937 LUG.

Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest by César Soares

World’s largest collaborative WW2 LEGO diorama – setup

Accordingly with the message Daniel Siskind posted on Flickr, next week, members of Brickmania and members of the Northern Illinois LEGO Train Club will present a joint project of the world’s largest collaborative WW2 LEGO diorama in the First Division Museum at Cantigny Park and it’s going to completely fill the exhibit hall at the First Division Museum.
I’m looking forward for the incoming pictures of this project 🙂
Cobra King
Cobra King by Daniel Siskind