Tower of Babel

Michal Herbolt built an impressive Tower of Babel according one theory that associate the mythical tower to the Etemenanki structure. He uses small round plates to show the scale of the building compared to the human size.

Here’s a small historical introduction given by Michal:

This tower was described in the Bible, but there was no proof of its existence. Robert Koldewey re-discovered Babylon and ruins of this great ziggurat after 1913. It was built during or after the reign of Chammurapi (1792 – 1750 BC). The ancient builders needed more than 17 millions fired bricks. The height of the tower was 91 m. The year 331 BC was the last for the tower. It was demolished, but never re-build.

See more pictures here.


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    • Hello,
      Yes, I agree with you. A tower of 91 meters (if that is true) would be a giant sky scrapper at those times.
      Unfortunately, we can find only a few ruins today.

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